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When online casinos sg8ace took off and became popular, it was noticed that something was missing, for it to be perfect. When the opportunity to broadcast via video link came, live casino gained momentum and it became the icing on the cake for online gaming. Today, most online casinos offer an opportunity to play live. It will be social with the other players and the dealer. Likewise, you now have the opportunity to get a real casino feeling no matter where you are.

With live casino in your mobile, you can sit on the sofa, on the train or bus, at lunch at work or out in the cottage. Enjoy a professional dealer, nice atmosphere, chat with others at the table and a lot of excitement! Here you get to know more about live casino, where to find the best ones, what it means and what bonuses you can get.

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Live Casino

Live casino is simply an opportunity to get a true casino experience wherever you want. You get to see a dealer via video link, which is sitting at a gaming table. However, it does not see you, but a screen with usernames, bets and any choices. Live casino is available for the most common games, such as blackjack, roulette, some types of poker and sometimes even baccarat.

When you play live, you cannot play for free, as you usually can on other games. This is because it is a real dealer and often only a limited number of seats for players at the table. Instead of offering space for players who do not play for real money, they prioritize those players with real money. If you are unsure about playing live, there are often many movies you can watch. The concept is like regular casino games that you can try for free. However, you have to wait your turn, and you can communicate with other players and the dealer. In addition to this, the game goes on just as usual.

It is usually a company that offers gaming tables to several online casinos. Among other things, Evolution Gaming is one of these companies, and they usually have their gaming tables at many different sites. However, some other casinos have their own tables, where you share tables with other players from this particular site. 


The stakes for live casino usually vary slightly between the tables, as some are too low and some too high. The minimum bet is often 1 or 10 dollar, and the highest can be up to a million. Roulette often has from dollar 5 to dollar 1,000,000. Blackjacks usually have 10 – 50,000 dollar, sometimes even higher. On the tables with Baccarat, it is common for it to be from dollar 10 to dollar 20,000. Poker usually has bet levels between dollar 5 and dollar 45,000. The stakes that are available are always before you click on the table. It also says what is allowed in the game itself, so you do not have to think about it.